In Memory Of...

...Our Unforgetable and Beloved Pets

As animal lovers, we inevitably find ourselves here. What we now share are memories of the sweet creatures that lived with us, became integral parts of our families, brought us much comfort, happiness, and often a degree of whackiness. Gone but not forgotten because we always remember.

All beloved pets are welcome. Donations are not required in order to participate in the program, but are, of course, always appreciated. Please use the form below to enter your loved one. Pets are displayed alphabetically.

BABY: February 1995 - January 2006

When Baby was 5 months old, we found out that she had a heart murmur. At Guelph Veterinary Hospital, we were told that it wasn't serious and would not affect her quality of life or her life span. Well, they were right on the first count - Baby was like a puppy all the way.

Baby and I were very closely bonded. Whenever she heard me laughing, no matter where I was in the house, she would come galloping and jump on me for hugs and kisses. For reasons only Baby knew, she did the same thing whenever I sat on a swing at the park. She made me laugh so hard - it hurt. I miss you my sweet Babushka, so much so, that I have to hope that when the time comes they'll let me into doggie heaven.

Baby raised the bar even for a Golden-Retriever - she was the nicest person you could ever meet. I pretty much forgot that I didn't give birth to Baby. When we lost her, I was inconsolable. A few months later, my daughter came home with a carrier which contained, of all things, a cat! The rest, as they say, is history.

BAGHEERA (BOOBOO): 2002 - 2011

Bagheera was adopted at age 3. He immediately stole our hearts by refusing to accept that he was "not a real boy." He slept in our bed, ate our food, used our laptops, and ensured he otherwise left his print on all of our projects. Bagheera was always of the opinion that you can never be too close, and so, it was rather ordinary for us to have him sitting on our heads and chest for the majority of the day (and night.)

Bagheera was an expert at being cute, cuddly and otherwise manipulating you into falling madly in love with him. He was also excellent at head butts, kisses, kneading, sunbathing, ignoring our requests that he do something YouTube worthy, catching ping pong balls, changing the TV channels at the worst times, and guarding the house from the window.

Bagheera endured our endless smothering and in exchange we spoiled him rotten (for which we have no regrets). Bagheera was diagnosed with small cell lymphoma at the age of 9 and though it withered away at his body, his boyish spirit was never broken. He fought like a champion to the chicken, cheese, popcorn and tuna filled end. We will forever have him in our mind and hearts because as he taught us when he was here, you can never be too close…

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CHASE: October 2010 - October 3, 2011

This was our dear friend Chase He was killed by a car on Oct. 3, 2011 just 2 weeks short of his first birthday He was beautiful and we all miss him.


In Memory of my beloved, sweet and gentle little boy, Gazoo. I was blessed to have his loving presence in my life for nearly 17 years. He will be forever loved and missed.

See you at the Rainbow Bridge my Boo-Boo...

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I can barley see through my tears looking through these treasured pictures of you. Its crazy how you impacted me so much. You grew on me, my heart, my feelings and altogether, i just wanted to make you happy, as you made me. You spent so much of your time trying to help people feel better, and by those special looks you gave me in your eyes, it was like a deep understanding of connection. You weren't just a cat, and you never were.. You were a human.. you're my boy, my babe, my special little man. You are irreplaceable. Another kitty may look like you or have a sweet personality, but your gentle touch can never be replaced, its so dear to me, and im so happy and proud that I get to be the one to say "he is MY babby ." I hope i'll get to see you in heaven, because whats a heaven without you? We love yoou Masterrr Tubbbs xoxoxox

TAMZIE ANDERS: February 28, 2001 - November 25, 2010
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