Another Journey Begins – Making Mr. Wonderful Wonderful

Looking forward to seeing “Mr. Wonderful” today. He was trapped late Thursday evening May 8th along with Wonder who began giving birth a few short hours later, at the shelter. Both (along with two others not yet trapped) lived in the huge parking lot of a car dealership in the shadow of Canada’s Wonderland. Talk about arriving in the nick of time!

Yesterday, he huddled in the corner behind his litter box and climbed up the sides of the crate when I extended my long-handled brush. He eventually sat still while I slowly brushed away.
Hopefully today, he won’t panic as much- as Donna says, “It’s all about baby steps.”

First off, it’s Wonder and her four little ones Coaster, Ghoster, Thunder and Flyer that need attention.

Wish us luck trying to get three and four tonight.

PS A huge thank you to David, the security guard, for making contact with NTCR and helping us each evening in getting this group out of harm’s way.

Mr. Wonderful

Mr. Wonderful

Wonder and her four riders

Momma Wonder

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