Adult - Male
Adoptable Medium
Meet Jack!    DOB:  September 2008

Special Needs:  Sprays to mark his territory

Jack and his sibling Robbie came to NTCR as very young kittens from a life on the streets. He is a very distinctive looking cat with his unusual markings and beautiful brilliant green eyes. His tiny white tip on his tail is the only way to tell him apart from his brother Robbie. Jack is a complete sweetheart who loves to be petted, seeks out human affection and always chooses to be wherever there are people. An extremely inquisitive and curious boy, Jack has to know everything that is going on and will follow you everywhere to make sure he knows just what’s happening! Unfortunately, Jack has been known to spray in order to mark his territory. We think he does this as a response to the competition from all the other cats in the shelter. In a home, without other cats or perhaps even with his brother, he may not feel the need to mark his territory but we won’t know unless some kind person is willing to take him home and give him a chance. If you want to give Jack a chance and show him what it is like to have a “furever” home and family, please fill out an adoption application and contact us.