Adult - Male
Adoptable Medium NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shots
Meet Zack! DOB: May 2011
Zack was rescued as a young adult from a hard life on the streets. A sleek, debonair short haired black panther, with mesmerizing green eyes, a little white locket on his chest with a mischievous, frisky and silly purrsonality. Zack is a social, confident, adventurous and curious hunter who will follow you from room to room in order to check out what is going on every where and ensure that treats are not involved! He has typical” catitude” in that he has been known to give a quick “swat”, letting you know when he has had enough luvins and with trimmed nails it’s almost like a smack saying” go away”. He can be very affectionate and loving on his terms. He has quite the quirky / silly purrsonality and can be quiet entertaining as when he is on the prowl exploring his reactions to common objects can be very unexpected and funny as he will swat and play with the most unusually objects. Excellent with other cats, Zack would do best in a mature adult home where his owner understands and appreciates “catitude”. If you want to give Zack the “furever” home & family that he has yet to know in his lifetime, please fill out an adoption application and contact us.