Hi Donna,

We have ourselves a real sweetie lump!  Very cool kittie!  He did not complain during the ride home, just nuzzled Jim’s fingers and purred.

Upon arrival, he cased the joint, sniffed everything then settled down to some food and a lap snuggle.  The other two were shocked, of course but snooped around cautiously.  S. decided that it would be fine to sleep on the bed, especially on my head!  Lord Chutney was outraged and ordered him off the bed.  He’s very good about it, seems to know that rules must be followed and is respecting them.

Today is calm and Chutney and Arabella are sniffing him out without hisses.  He must have had a home based on breakfast behaviour.  He wanted to participate in mine (snuck a slurp form the cereal bowl when I wasn’t looking) and then politely asked to be let outside (no).  He’s shown some interest in cat tunnel and toys so I imagine he’ll enjoy after he settles in.  He appears to like both of us equally.  I think Arabella is ready to have him lick her head and Chutney has stopped hissing.  S. seems to enjoy grooming and we’ve already had a few comb-outs.

No photos yet but I will start.

Please pass on my greetings to your entire team.  They impressed me as being a group of hard-working, competent, committed people and I applaud them for what they do.

Here’s wishing for some forever homes for kitties today and every day!

~ Dianne (and Jim)


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