I’ve been keeping two secrets from you…

I’ve been keeping two secrets from you that I’ve been too embarrassed to tell you. In my defense, I only knew about one of the secrets; I found out about the other one last week. Both secrets have to do with Hope. Hope was a tiny baby, all alone in the world when she was found and brought to the shelter. Although we had other babies, they were all in foster at the time so she was the tiniest kitty in the shelter. Unfortunately the poor little thing was BULLIED mercilessly by the other cats. She was laughed at, mocked, and picked on. Why, you may ask? Well, if you look at her first picture you will see that she had a little tail. When our backs were turned, you could hear it, “Hey Shorty, nyaaaa nyaaa”. It reminded me of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.

” All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names.
They never let poor Rudolph join in any reindeer games. “

Then Laura and Steve Liebgott brought their fosters back for short time (Cisco, Arlo, Paxton, and Pork Chop). These bruisers saw what was going on and laid down the law. First offense – 2 hours with no toys; second offense – 2 hours in Room 8 with that radio playing opera incessantly. When that didn’t work, they brought in the dreaded time-out chair. That greatly feared punishment stopped the bullying in it’s track. They also “adopted” Hope, so that when Laura and Steve took them back home for the rest of their foster time, Hope accompanied them.
This is where the second secret comes in.

Pork Chop did some Google research and found out that the famous Dr. Hissycat at Princess Meowgaret Hospital has been doing research on the cat genome and has found a molecular anomaly among cats that causes a rare outcome called Extremity Pygmyitis. The doctor was just starting investigative research with a new drug. Pork Shop worked his magic and got Hope into the study.
That’s where the second secret comes in. No one knew about this because they didn’t want to raise everyone’s “Hopes” about the outcome.
Last week Cisco, Arlo, Paxton, Pork Chop and Hope returned to the shelter. LOOK AT HOPE’S TAIL (second picture). As K’naan would say “LIKE A WAVING FLAG”.
Congratulations Hope. Thank you Pork Chop and Dr. Hissycat.

Come and meet these 5 beauties who are all looking for forever homes…….

By Esther



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