How to Improve Sneakers in STEPN and What It Will Get You

As many people have already figured out, the speed of earning depends on what features the sneakers have. The following sneaker features are available in the app:

  • Class (walking, running, jumping, exerciser);
  • Rarity (regular, unusual, rare, very rare (legendary)). As the user understood, the better the sneakers, the more he will earn for them;
  • level of pumping;
  • Stamped sneakers.

It should be noted right away that all the sneakers are quite durable, comfortable, really designed for physical exertion. All features can be upgraded directly in the app for money. It is worth taking a look at the stats and levels.

Types of Sneakers

Sneakers are divided into just four types:

  • For walking (Walker) – this is a minimum speed of about 1-6 km per hour. For such sneakers, the user gets 4 tokens for 5 minutes;
  • Joggers are designed for running. This type of sneaker is designed to run at a speed of 4-10 km per hour, 5 tokens are available for 5 minutes;
  • Cross – this is a speed of 10 km per hour, for which the user gets 6 tokens for 5 minutes;
  • Universal – these sneakers are suitable for different types of activity, from 1 to 20 km per hour. The tokens received are also different – from 4 to 6 tokens.

The difference is the speed of movement, as well as the number of tokens received for using the sneakers. Everything is calculated per unit of energy.

In addition, sneakers vary in rarity. They come in ordinary, unusual, rare, epic, and legendary. The rarer the sneakers, the more points the user earns when advancing to a new level.

There is a so-called set of sneaker parameters. This is due to the fact that sneakers have their own characteristics, viz:

  • Efficiency – the user gets more tokens for increasing efficiency;
    Luck is needed to get the mystery box;
  • Durability – The more durable the shoe, the less often it needs to be repaired;
  • Comfort – The more comfortable you are, the more tokens you can earn. However, GMT tokens, which are earned for comfort, are only available after you reach level 20.

Sneaker Levels

Sneakers can and should also be pumped up. There are different levels of this, increasing the level gives the user more funds. More information about levels

Which gives motivation to strengthen it:

  • The user can spend money to get a new level of shoe pumping. If you need to allocate funds optimally, the app can do it all with a special calculator;
    In addition, the user can get additional features for unlocking a certain level. From level 5, the user has access to a mint, as well as various earnings of additional tokens.

There are also indicators and things to understand in the app:

  • A mystery – box is something the user can get after each activity.
  • Anything can fall in there, including tokens;
    Energy – the more shoes you have, the more energy you have;
    Stones – these are special installations that can be used to increase your income. Just set them inside.