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Can you not imagine spending the night in the presence of strangers in a likewise strange apartment? Possibly then at least the house or apartment exchange comes into question for you.

In this travel trend, you will also be accommodated in private quarters, but you will usually be alone there. At the same time, you offer your home in return, so that your host can have a good time there. So much for the classic house or apartment swap - but of course there are also variants: such as house-sitting, time-shifted swapping or simply renting private accommodations, for example, via corresponding Internet portals.

For whom is the house or apartment exchange suitable?

The concept of the classic house or apartment exchange comes into question, whereby the vacation costs can be reduced, especially for owners, but in some respects also for tenants. What the latter should absolutely pay attention to, however, is clarified, among other things, by the "Tips on exchanging apartments under rental law" on the website of the Berlin Tenants' Association.

Also apart from rent-legal aspects it gives with the dwelling and/or house exchange some to consider: Of course also this alternative travel form is not completely risk-free, why an appropriate insurance protection on sides of the two travel parties should exist. In addition costs for the use of appropriate Internet portals, which take over a switching role, can result. Sometimes, however, these providers also offer guarantees that additionally secure the exchange. Inform yourself thoroughly in advance about the providers, but also about possible pitfalls!

Work and Travel: Financing pleasure through work

"Work and Travel" - this is the desire of many high school graduates who want a more or less free time for new experiences and orientation between school and university. As the name suggests, "Work and Travel" is a form of travel that also involves working. Small jobs during the trip can at least partially finance the stay.

Not only high school graduates, but also "older semesters" are often not averse to this experience - however, too high an age can sometimes thwart work-and-travel plans due to visa regulations. Information on Germany's "Working Holiday Programs" can be found on the website of the German Foreign Office.

A work and travel trip should be well planned just like trading in https://exnesscom.com/cryptocurrencies-trading/ - after all, it is usually designed as a longer stay abroad. But the effort can pay off without question - even in terms of later career opportunities. Employers are very happy to see applicants who can demonstrate experience abroad.

Sometimes they are not primarily interested in the work performed, but rather in the fact that the work-and-traveler was able to demonstrate his or her independence, flexibility, adaptability and openness to the world. As souvenirs, travelers also often bring back a good knowledge of a new language as well as strong social skills.

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 The most important points at a glance 

    Traveling without spending a lot of money is an exciting experiment that is not only interesting for thrifty travelers.
    With Couchsurfing, travelers stay overnight with private individuals. In this way, completely new insights into foreign cultures can be gained and, ideally, even new friendships.
    With the classical house and/or dwelling exchange travel-willing leave their ancestor at home strangers and make as return at the respective other place vacation. Many other special forms of the house or apartment exchange exist.
    Both Couchsurfing and the house or apartment exchange are not completely risk-free and require from the travelers a lot of trust and also a small portion of courage. Without a doubt, it is probably a question of type as to how comfortable these travel options are perceived to be.
    The concept of "work and travel" enables younger travelers in particular to spend longer periods abroad. They cover at least part of the travel costs by working small jobs on site.