How to make a launder with your own hands

As many, launders and other similar devices are believed - the detention of thieves-houses. However, the skills of how to make a launder will be useful even to completely law-abiding citizens in many household situations associated with the need to open the castle, the key of which for some reason turned out to be lost.

A specific method to which you have to resort to, in order to make yourself a wash, will depend, first of all, on the type of lock and from the devices available at hand and materials - after all, the simplest of them may be useful in a similar situation.

The easiest way to make a laundr from the clips is a rather old and famous considerable number of people in the way.

To make a launder in a similar way, find enough large clips - certainly metallic - and with the help of conventional pliers and / or bodies, give it a form required to open a specific lock.

Make a launder from such a material will be very fast: all actions can take about 2-5 minutes. However, the resulting adaptation will be consolidated only for some types of locks, first of all, old mounted.

To make a launder more suitable for other types of locks, create it from materials stronger paper clips. Some people who need a similar tool in living conditions are made even from a folding metal meter, accordingly, processing its elements.

Make a launder of this type possible with the help of emery, engraver (it allows you to create a thin thread on the edge of the device), hammer and some other tools.

To make a wash in this way it was easier, use the appropriate templates that are fairly easy to find in RuNet. Cut your workpiece on them, process it with the works faces by eating, spare in some places, if required.

Make a hone intended for the Suwalden Castle, it turns out from the workpiece suitable for such a lock key. From it it is necessary to cut all the protrusions in the working part, leaving only the rod, and then carefully drill in the last thin holes and insert small carnations or other similar metal elements there.


- Make a launder - half of the case. The main thing is that the ownership of it has not come criminal liability. Make sure that the legislation of your region does not prohibit having a similar tool;

- Do not open the locks of other people's locks - except in cases where the owner gave his permission to this;

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