Best Comedy for Evening View

Such films are very likely young people, because it can see their lives from such kinocartes. For many jokes, are a benefit in life, thanks to these films, they can communicate more confident with people and not pay attention to their complexes. If you want to have fun, then you can't make it wrong if you have fun comedy for your leisure. There are also many youth comedies that are popular. In such films, student life is most often depicted, with all its arising. After watching which you are guaranteed a good mood on the subsequent remainder of the day.

1. Miracle

He was born and brought up in a simple American family. August is playing with his sister and his beloved dog. He has an exciting passion - he is a fan of star wars and all that is connected with it. For all days, while parents do not see, he can learn from a TV or a game console, representing himself one of the cosmic heroes. In a word, an ordinary seven-year-old boy, with a normal physical and mental development, if it were not for one ... he was born with a terrible and very rare genetic disease, he had almost no normal human face from birth.

2. here and now

In this multinational family, there are a huge number of problems that most modern Americans suffer. Senior children a little earlier Greg and Audrey adopted: Duke was Vietnamese, Ashley - Liberianka, and Ramon was from Colombia. On the part, they all seemed happy and friendly family, but if you look attentively, then it was not. It will be interesting. So sit down more comfortably and start watching the series "here and now." Enjoy watching!

3. Mom for Snow Maiden

Due to the drama in his personal life, Yuri does not feel the approach of the new year and indifferently refers to all preparations for the holiday. He does not seek gifts to friends, does not invite anyone to visit, and meeting on Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden street feels despondency than joy. And who would think that soon the man himself will be forced to become Santa Claus for a while!

Yuri Denis's friend asks him to replace it, because he is very sick. Together with the Snow Maiden named Vika, the hero should visit several corporate events and matinees. Although the buddy promises that the Snow Maiden will take himself, it turns out to be untrue, since Victoria itself is the first time in such a role. Yury has to attract all his charisma, good nature and resourcefulness.