Waibstadt takes important points in relegation battle - TVK again sovereign

Waibstadt takes important points in relegation battle - TVK again sovereign

TSV Pfungstadt, TV Vaihingen/Enz and TV Käfertal: As of now, these three teams would represent the Southern German League at the German Championships in early March. All three won their matches last weekend. Meanwhile, TV Waibstadt celebrated an important success in the fight to stay in the league. Only one week after the first win of the season against TV Schweinfurt-Oberndorf, the team of coach Rainer Frommknecht followed up against the still winless last-place team TV Augsburg.

TV SW-Oberndorf - TV Vaihingen/Enz 3:5 (5:11, 13:11, 6:11, 12:10, 11:6, 1:11, 2:11, 10:12)

TV Vaihingen/Enz finished the first round of the 1st Bundesliga Süd in second place. The success at TV Schweinfurt-Oberdorf was already the sixth victory in the seventh match of the season for the team of coach Markus Knodel. Only TSV Pfungstadt has an even better record - has remained without defeat. However, Vaihingen struggled at TV Schweinfurt-Oberndorf, which was without its main attacker Oliver Bauer and all-rounder Fabian Sagstetter - both injured, reported https://onlinecricket.bet/cricket-betting-apps/.


"That was our worst game of the season," reported second attacker Jakob Kilpper. "Our first defense was sloppy. And even when we had the ball on the line in front, often nothing happened." Coach Knodel, who usually always puts his finger in every wound, on the other hand takes the poor performance of his team rather calmly: "Away games are not so our strength. In the past indoor season, we didn't win a single game in foreign halls. That's why you have to admit that the boys have a bad day. And we won, after all."

In addition, the Vaihingen team had considerable problems at the back - whereby the performance of Johannes Jungclaussen was not the problem, but the passing. "Especially the shot delivery was a disaster. The height, the direction and also the timing of the hitter did not fit," Kilpper reported. "Only when Johannes Jungclaussen announced that we should put the passes further away from the line did it work better."

Nevertheless, the guests in Lower Franconia fell behind 2:3 after runs after leading 1:0 and 2:1 in the set. But then they turned the match around with two commanding set wins, in which Vaihingen only allowed Oberndorf a total of three points. But that wasn't really up to the Enzstadters. "We didn't really get our act together. Rather, the Oberndorfer slackened off considerably on the details, which we got a better and better grip on as the match progressed," Kilpper recounted. "In sets six and seven, however, we finally played cleanly. And we then also hit the gaps."

In the eighth section, however, the Vaihingen team made it exciting once again after the two commanding set wins. The Oberndorfers almost forced a decisive run. "In this set we were a bit lucky. Johannes Jungclaussen got hit in the block in the last rally and scored as a result," Kilpper explained. "That could have had a different outcome."

TV Augsburg - TV 1865 Waibstadt 2:5 (11:4, 13:15, 14:12, 10:12, 5:11, 8:11, 8:11)

Before the Christmas break, the first division fistballers of TV Waibstadt managed to jump "above the line" with their second success. With a 5-2 win at promoted TV Augsburg, the yellow-and-blacks improved to sixth place with 4-10 points ahead of the Bavarian duo Schweinfurt-Oberndorf (2-12) and Augsburg (0-12).

"The hope of staying in the class has returned" summed up captain Lucas Kiermeier after the two-hour work victory in the Fuggerstadt. After five previous defeats, some of them high, the Kraichgauer had recorded the first points a week earlier against Schweinfurt-Oberndorf.

On their longest away trip of the season, they got off to a false start in Augsburg. The home side, coached by Waibstadt native Uwe Schäfer, started off with a lot of pressure and won the first set in superior fashion 11:4, with Steffen Sellmann in particular scoring on almost every serve in his season debut. In the following period, however, TV Waibstadt was able to improve and an exciting match with numerous long rallies developed. After 13:15, 14:12 and 10:12, the expected tough and balanced match emerged at a 2:2 tie.


While Augsburg's attack quota weakened from set five on, the TVW attack duo Max Brandt and Thilo Eiermann continued to hit the gaps in the opponent's defense. With 11:5 and twice 11:8 the Waibstädter made the 5:2 victory perfect. Coach Rainer Frommknecht was satisfied: "5:2 sounds clear, but the match was on a knife's edge until the last ball. We kept our nerves and also profited from the increasing weakness of the opponent's serving. Here we had the more effective weapon today, especially thanks to Max Brandt." In the defense, Lucas Kiermeier and Marek Wennesz acted consistently alongside veteran Kai Braun.

TV Unterhaugstett - TV 1880 Käfertal 0:5 (4:11, 5:11, 5:11, 7:11, 5:11)

The team of coach Leo Goth from Mannheim continues the good performance of the last week and secures the next two points. Away at TV Unterhaugstett it was about two important points on the way to the German championship in Hagen.

Käfertal had from the beginning the "air sovereignty" quickly took command, with 4:11 the first set went to the Mannheim. the second set was won with 5:11. Leo Goth changed in the third set Nico Müller for Moritz Kiefer, also this set went with 5:11 to the Käfertaler. In the fourth set then season premiere for Christof Jubel after long injury break he came for Marcel Moritz. With 7:11 a clear 5:0 victory of the "Buwe".

The team is well prepared for one of the highlights of the season, the return match on 18.12. in Pfungstadt against the German indoor champion TSV Pfungstadt.

TSV Calw - TSV Pfungstadt 1:5 (4:11, 13:15, 6:11, 2:11, 11:9, 9:11)

Against Pfungstadt, things didn't go quite right for the lion pack on all positions. Despite the home advantage and a strong drumbeat of the young Lions, TSV Calw did not find their way into the match. Only in phases did they manage a short comeback, but in the end it was only enough for a set win.