Its like adopting but we keep and care for your cat/cats!

Why sponsor? To help our cats known as “Long-Term Shelter” cats. We have over 20 permanent cats who may never be adopted into a “Furever Home”. Some have Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV), Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), spray to mark their territory, are so scared and fearful that they hide continuously when people are around, and other behaviours. We cannot judge any of them as we do not know what they have truly been through when either born or discarded out on the streets to survive.

These cats will live out their lives here at the North Toronto Cat Rescue where they will be given food, shelter, in many cases medical attention and medication, and lots of loving from you their sponsor and our volunteers.

This is an opportunity to sponsor one or more of our “Long Term Cats” or any of our Cats here at the shelter and become their VICP (Very Important Cat Person). For as little as .82 cents a day or $25 month, you can save a life.

Payment can be made monthly, bi-annually, annually.

You can mail a cheque to: North Toronto Cat Rescue 28 John Stiver Crescent Markham, Ontario L3R 9A8
Please note that the above address is a mailing address only.

Canada Helps Org

Email transfer to – donna@northtorontocatrescue.com

In return for your Personal Sponsorship, you will receive a thank you package which contains a picture or pictures, a copy of our quarterly newsletter either by mail or email, periodic updates to let you know how the cat or cats are doing. We welcome you to come and visit at the shelter by appointment to see how your sponsorship is used and meet your sponsored cat or cats.

An additional benefit for any Corporate Sponsorship of $500 a year is a mention in our Quarterly News Letter for $1000 you will have a specified space to put an Ad or link on our website.

Below, you will find listed some of our long-term residents who are in most need of sponsorship.

However, you may choose to sponsor any of our cats!

A BIG THANKS to our wonderful sponsors, present and past, helping to make our work possible!


Here are some of our long-term residents who are in most need of sponsorship or have already been sponsored:

Duke (Sponsored!)

DOB: August 2009

Viewing his domain, whether from the top of a shelf or the middle of the room, dashing Duke dominates the shelter scene. Found as a kitten, yet still shy around people, this regal black beauty prefers the cozy companionship of his fellow felines, both young and old.

Content to watch the comings and goings of each visitor from a crate or in front of the door, if he sees some kittens grow rowdy, he’s “Johnny on the spot”, calmly correcting them, then privately playing with their toys! Since his own inner kitten has yet to be released, this dearest of dukes would flourish in a loving home with the patience to free it. Until then we will be his “furever” home.

Our thanks to Marybeth Haines for sponsoring Duke!


Jack (Sponsored!)

DOB: September 2008

Special Needs: Mouse sprays to mark his territory

Jack is a very distinctive looking cat with his unusual markings. He has a tiny white tip on his tail. He is a real sweetheart. Jack likes to be petted and will choose to hang out where ever there are people. He would make a lovely companion. Unfortunately, Jack sprays to mark his territory. We think he may do this as a response to the competition from all the other cats in the shelter. In a home, without other cats, he may not feel the need to mark his territory, but we will never know unless some kind person is willing to take him home and give him a chance. Jacks eyesight is failing but it doesn’t stop him from taking the stairs going up and down visiting all the rooms and be with his friends or seek out one of us volunteers for some loving

Our thanks to Denis Adams for sponsoring Jack!


DOB: February 2010

Special Needs: Mouse sprays to mark his territory

Mouse is a young cat who was born in the shelter. He is a very nice cat who is always around, especially if there is food in smelling distance – he loves to eat, but is lovely and slim. He’s a very busy cat. Mouse has gone to a couple different homes but was returned due to his spraying so we will be his forever home. He loves to have the company of other cats and you will find him snuggled against someone. He loves attention and is our Instagram Star.

Let us know if you would like to sponsor Mouse.

Shiloh (Sponsored!)

DOB: April 2009

Shiloh is such an elegant grey cat he is still very shy and stays in hiding until he thinks the coast is clear. Considering he came to us as a kitten, this is very unusual and happily, we are at last beginning to see him coming out more often and not running to hide so quickly. Maybe soon he will start to really trust us, but until then he remains one of our long-term residents.

Our thanks Edward and Rosa Tsang for sponsoring Shiloh!



DOB: May 2015

Special Needs: Tested + with Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV)

Wally, his 7 siblings and mom were rescued from a life on the streets as a newborn kitten when the family was found living in the Etobicoke area. A super handsome brown tabby, energetic, lively, silly, social, fun loving fella with a wonderful personality, who has a very curious nature and loves to play, explore and have fun! Wally is excellent with other all his roommates and would make an excellent companion. If you think you can keep up with Wally’s need to play, have fun and want to give him a “furever” home, please fill out an adoption application and contact us.

Let us know if you would like to sponsor Wally.



DOB: July 2009

Special Needs:  Sprays to mark his territory

Winston is very distinctive gentleman who loves to wander around the shelter and is always found in a different location, except for when it “dinner” time, then he right there waiting to fill his tummy. He has sat by and watched many of his playmates and “girlfriends” leave for their “forever” homes. Winston is a handsome shy-guy with a gentle, timid nature, this unique and beautiful boy would be ideal in a nice quiet, calm home. Unfortunately, Winston sprays to mark his territory. He may do this as a response to the competition from the many other cats who roam free in our shelter. In a home, without other cats, he may not feel the need to mark his territory. Good with other cats, he will need a little patience, coaxing and extra cuddles, but once established Winston can be quite affectionate and will continue to blossom into a very loving little companion.

Let us know if you would like to sponsor Winston.


DOB: July 2010

Special Needs: Long term resident

Misha is a sweetheart who is shy, with a gentle and timid nature. She has watched many of her playmates leave to their “furever” homes and doesn’t understand why she has not been picked. We believe that this has left her a little insecure and would be ideal for a mature adult home. Fantastic with other cats, (she loves to snuggle up and sleep with her roommates) she will need a little patience, coaxing and extra reassurance to help her on her journey to becoming a confident cat.

Let us know if you would like to sponsor Misha.


DOB: April 2010

Herbie is a survivor. He was found wandering on his own as a small kitten. He must have been part of trap, neuter and release program as his ear is trimmed. He is a feisty little soul, who still is quite shy. He gets on well with the other cats. He is quite happy to hang out but it would be wonderful to find a home for this survivor with someone who would work with him to improve his sociability with people.

Let us know if you would like to sponsor Herbie.


DOB: July 2010

Special Needs: Tested + for FIV – Feline Immunodeficiency Virus & Tested + with Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV)

Patiently waiting for a “furever” home of her very own, Whisper is a positively stunning little beauty with a sweet, gentle soul who can be very shy, timid and sometimes insecure. When she first arrived at the shelter she was a little overwhelmed, very scared and would run and hide every time you entered the room. She has a come a long way on her journey in that she is now learning to trust people and will stand her ground and watch you. When approached slowly she will happily sit and take treats from you. She is excellent with other cats and would do well with in multi-cat home or in a single cat home. Whisper will need a special owner who is patient, understanding and loving to help her develop her trust levels and confidence.

Let us know if you would like to sponsor Whisper.


DOB: June 2014

Special Needs: Litter Box Issues

Claire was brought in with her sister Zara when she came to the NTCR. We received a distress call about a rescuer who had become terminally ill and was no longer able to take care of her rescued cats. When Claire and Zara first came to NTCR they were both scared and stressed from their experience but were able to find comfort in each other by huddling and cuddling together. In a very short time, thanks to our volunteers with daily patience and unconditional love given, they both began to trust.  Zara has since been adopted. Claire is a darling short haired small tuxedo with blazing amber eyes, with the cutest black and white paw splashes and gentle nature. She is a little insecure and timid to start but will accept petting and stroking with a slow approach. She is happiest and most confident when she is next to one of her cat buddies. Clair loves her wet food, you would not know it by her slim shape, but she will go around cleaning everyone’s dishes even when they are not finished. 

Let us know if you would like to sponsor Claire.


DOB: May 2012

Special Needs: Arthritis and Asthma

Peering up at you with her sweet, soulful gaze, purr-sonable Pawlena is as gentle as she is gorgeous. She was abandoned at a pet store in Vaughan, she adores being doted on, and thrives on being picked up, petted and pampered. She has seen many of her room mates get adopted, so we will be her fur-ever home until her family comes. Paw-lena likes other cats and will be fond snuggled with one or more but she would be equally content in a loving home where she’s the soul feline focus of their fur-ever attention.

Let us know if you would like to sponsor Paw-lena.


DOB: June 2009

Bright jewel-toned eyes and a pale, plush gray coat combine to make majestic Misty a pet photographer’s dream. Most comfortable and content when in the company of other cats, whether playing or snuggling, she also enjoys perching in high places – the better to view the world below. Not fond of being picked up or petted, the way to win this fussy feline’s heart is through committed and ongoing socialization by patient adopters in a loving fur-ever home until then we will be her fur-ever home.

Let us know if you would like to sponsor Misty.