Updates on Cruiser

From NTCR: Cruiser who was at the shelter most of his life found his home Dec. 18, 2021. A young couple who live in London and only adopts senior cats and most have a disability. Cruiser is 1 of 4😺. 


Dec 29, 2021

It appears as though our boy Cruiser has made a turn for the better. We are doing now that he’s settled a bit. He’s eating and drinking normally. He is also responding more to pets and affection. Loves his chin scratches. He’s still secluded himself in the closet, but we may try to introduce him to the other cats more now. 
Jan 26, 2022
Last night was the first night that I’ve heard Cruiser the Closet Cat purr. He snuggled into my hand and was purring for all to hear. It warmed my heart to know that all the work I’ve put into making him feel safe and loved is working 🥰 
March 6, 2022
Look who came out of the closet to drink from the communal cat water (not the only water source though) and check out the food dishes.

Plus he was making lots of biscuit orders tonight 🐾


— Cruiser’s mom

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