Updates on Hunter

January 15, 2019

Hi Donna,
Just thought I’d give you a quick update on Hunter.
So far, so good! It took him all of about ten minutes to get used to his new home before he proceeded to pick a favourite spot right on top of the couch. Even though it’s only been 2 days, Sofia and I already feel like he’s been living with us for years. Since moving in, he follows us from room to room, always purring, and always curious about what we’re doing. He loves attention and is very agreeable overall (he seems to like all the food you gave us, which means we have lots of options when it comes to feeding him). He really is exactly the cat we were hoping to find (and more) and we’re planning to take lots of pictures, which we’ll make sure to send you every so often. We were so happy with the experience at the North Toronto Cat Rescue overall and we’ll do whatever we can moving forward to help you guys out.
Thanks again for everything!
-Hunter’s mom & dad.

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