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November 3, 2018


Hi there Donna!

Sorry for such a delay in getting you this update on Miss Kitty; things have been busy in our lives! But here it is!

Miss Kitty is doing amazing and we love her so much. She has settled in so nicely and seems truly at home with us. She has been eating well and has even been adventurous enough to try some other wet foods besides Paw Lickin’ Chicken! She loves to cuddle and once you sit or lay on the couch she is right up on your lap or chest purring up a storm. She loves to play with strings and to chase after things you toss for her and even attempts to bring them back to you to keep the game going. We’ve been captivated by her curious spirit and her big personality and we could not have asked for a better fit for us. Thank you so very much to North Toronto Cat Rescue for the work you do!

Melanie and Jamie



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