Visiting Ma Barker

Meet Ma Barker, who introduced me to the world of scaredy- cats (notice that I didn't say "feral").

Meet Ma Barker, my first introduction to the world of scaredy- cats (notice that I didn’t say “feral”).

Thank you, Lorna Jones, for showing me how to begin giving these cats some loving.  There you were placing your hand- albeit inside a heavy-duty welding glove- alongside the crate and gently stroking this beast.  It was, at this point, that working with these cats became a passion.

That was in June of 2013.  I wanted to reflect on Ma B today because I haven’t thought about her for such a long time and today, someone pointed her out to me.  She is still at the shelter and she is such a lovely girl waiting, like too many others, for a forever home.  I will make it a point to drop in on her more often.

Ma Barker





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