When does 1 + 1 = 7 ?

 When 1 unneutered tom and 1 unspayed queen produce a kindle of kittens of course!


ThIs is Shadow.

Shadow, not yet trustful of his new digs.

Shadow, not yet trustful of his new digs






And this is Ruby.

Ruby enjoying a few minutes away from her brood.

Ruby enjoying a few minutes away from her brood.



And this is their kindle. Aren’t they sweet? These lucky kittens were born inside, and have all the resources of NTCR behind them to ensure they live the good life. Food, shelter, safety…… and love. It could have been so different.


Awwwww……. Our youngest members of the NTCR family.


It all started with a call for help from a kind person who had been winter feeding a few backyard stays. A keen eye noticed the black tom had an injured leg, and when contacted NTCR promised to aid with trapping and then to provide the necessary vet care and shelter. But didn’t Ruby wander into the trap first? And being three times as wide across the middle as she was at either end, it was obvious as to why she had been so dependent on the feeding station.

It also soon became apparent that Ruby was a completely tame cat who had been on her own for awhile. Within a few days of arriving at the shelter she gave birth, and has since been with her kittens in a loving foster home. There they will stay until they are bigger and stronger, until they have been vetted and are ready to go to the shelter to charm their way into forever homes of their own! More updates will be forthcoming on this little family.

As for the baby daddy? Shadow was also soon trapped and taken in for medical attention. He had surgery on a hind leg and is now well on the mend. He is presently at the shelter where he will learn that people only mean good things for him. His is a longer road to travel as he was not tame to start with. Fortunately he has the luxury of time, as NTCR is a no kill shelter that has a long view of working with the cats they take under their protection.

So here we are, with 9 new lovelies to provide for, just from one call for help.


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