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Esso and His Buddies: The Return of the Huge Green Bed

September 19, 2014

These are cats in Room 7. The picture with Esso and 3 of his friends was taken a while ago. They are in the green bed, a very large comfortable and comforting place for these scaredy-cats to snuggle together. Someone removed the green bed a while ago (to clean) and it hadn’t been returned. A […]

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My Room 5 Cat Colleagues

September 15, 2014

One of my favourite rooms for placing our socialized “scaredy-cats” is room five.  Chastity is first to welcome recently- crated  cats arriving  nervous in their carriers.   Here, the transition will go more smoothly, not only because of my furry colleages  but because the room is no so large that the newly-released are difficult to […]

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Moving Day For April- Another “Scaredy-cat Joins the Pride

September 12, 2014

                April’s crate has been emptied to make room for the carrier.                                                          

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