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There’s no mistaking when our girl Socks is a happy kitty……

April 28, 2015

    Who couldn’t use some super charged love in their life? For Socks’ adoption information, click here.

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When does 1 + 1 = 7 ?

April 10, 2015

 When 1 unneutered tom and 1 unspayed queen produce a kindle of kittens of course!   ThIs is Shadow.           And this is Ruby.     And this is their kindle. Aren’t they sweet? These lucky kittens were born inside, and have all the resources of NTCR behind them to ensure […]

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Pyometra, yet another reason to spay your cat.

March 13, 2015

    This is a story about a pretty brown tabby we call Coco. Isn’t she lovely? But she’s not just a pretty face. Coco is what they call a “Hemingway cat”. She is a polydactyl, with six toes instead of five on each of her front feet. And oh my goodness, the cuteness factor! […]

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