North Toronto Cat Rescue (NTCR) is a volunteer-run, non-profit, registered charity, genuinely concerned with the welfare of cats. We rescue and provide veterinary care to homeless cats and kittens, and follow through to recovery and finally adoption.

We offer cats and kittens for adoption in Toronto (GTA), Markham, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket, and South York Region.

Most rescue organizations in our area employ the use of foster homes to house rescued animals, NTCR is unique in that NTCR cats live in the NTCR shelter.

Since we are a no kill facility, this means that our kitties get to stay with us until they find their forever homes. This can take a while, because more often than not, they do not come to us in an “adoptable” condition. It is through hard work, saintly patience, and a lot of love and compassion that our volunteers are able to help these cats transform into “respectable” pets!

Most of our cats have either been evicted from their homes or are children of “evictees”. They arrive after having experienced varying degrees of hardship, both at the hands of uncaring and abusive owners, and while trying to cope on their own out in the hostile street environment, where they suffer hunger, frostbite, injuries – often fatal, and even poisoning – by humans who view them as mere pests.

NTCR is also unique among other shelters. Our no cage policy means our kitties are free to romp and play; they are provided with the opportunity to learn to “play nice” with others, animal and human, and to experience a life style that is as close to the home life they will have when they find their forever homes. Our cats live in compatible groupings, each group having its own room in the shelter.

Become an NTCR Rescue Star!

In addition to providing a home for our cats, our shelter is also a community project, where school children come to experience hands on caring for the animals. It is through this type of community service, that they learn the value of giving and caring.

This community project needs your help! By giving a home to one of our cats, you become part of the animal rescue effort! An added benefit – each adoption makes room for another desperate animal to be brought in from the cold.

It is impossible to convey the sense of joy and satisfaction we achieve from turning the sad stories that walk into our lives into the “happy tails” that walk out, and yes, we do have many happy endings!

We are a No-Kill, No-Cage Shelter


This means that when a cat arrives at the shelter injured or ill, we do everything humanly possible to save her. The good news is that this almost always results in a cat on its way to recovery; the bad news is that this always results in considerable vet bills!

We believe every life deserves a chance; our no kill policy also means that our cats stay with us longer than they would in most shelters; this in turn results in an increased need in long term financing for each cat.

If you would like to speak with someone, please call us at: (905) 940-CATS (2287)

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