Updates on Olivia aka Olive

  January 1, 2021   Hi Donna! Just wanted to let you know that things are going really well. We’re getting along famously – it’s like she’s always lived here. I think she’s happy. I actually call her Olive….I think it suits her chill, easy going personality 🙂 She loves this furry blanket I had […]

Updates on GiGi

January 1, 2021 Subject: Gigi singing This is the only song she does this to.  And she only does it if no one is looking.  – Gigi’s dad   << BACK to Love Letters

Updates on Blackie and Trixie

  December 25, 2020 Subject: Merry Christmas from Blackie & Trixie Hi Donna, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!! Trixie & Blackie are doing great. Both enjoy being petted & brushed. They both love chasing a ball around the house, especially up & down the stairs! They are happy & healthy. Blackie & Trixie’s mom. […]