Fostering a Special Soul

Why do Laura and I kitty foster? It fills a need but not ours.  It’s that little furry one that requires special care and meds to survive or the helpless ones that desperately need critical feeding because Momma can’t deliver.  The downside of fostering?  Giving ’em back after they creep into your heart.  So big boo hoo.  The point is, fosters are going back healthy and there is room for another critical critter crying to be taken out of harm’s way.

Then there’s Duchess’ six healthy beauties.  Six? There’s a seventh.  Look down, waaaaay down and spot the runt of the group.  For the longest while, I refused to believe that little Mugsy could be related to this clan. Could she be of munchkin parentage, perhaps?  She was a completely different model.


After a trip to Dr. C, we discovered it wasn’t a question of parentage but one of hereditary chance- a birth defect.  While her sibs gain weight steadily, Mugsy’s grudgingly stays below two pounds while her sibs have doubled her weight.  While baby teeth give way to another set, Mugsy still sports hers.

This rotund little fur-covered cylinder with stubby Lego™ legs ( the rear legs slightly longer) appears to be locked in time.  A perma-kitten, so to speak. From the rear, she mimics the classic Charlie Chaplin shuffle, complete with toes pointing outward, as she waddles happily towards her supper.

Mugsy asleep at the computer.

Mugsy asleep at the computer.

KitKat, one of Mugsy's hefty siblings

KitKat, one of Mugsy’s hefty siblings


She has struck a chord with us.  When her towering sibs return to the shelter, she’ll remain in our home but not because she’s a cutie, which she is.  She’ll remain because she’ll need lots of ongoing basic care and attention to survive.

More to come.


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