Kali aka Gypsy

Hi Donna,

Thank you for taking such good care of Gypsy – her new name is Kali. She is the calmest and coolest cat I’ve ever known! Her personality is too calm and affectionate for her to have lived on the streets for a long time, but I can’t understand why anyone would have abandoned her – she is such a sweetheart and purrs so loud!

When we introduced her to our 8-year old Maddi, Maddi of course hissed and growled and made herself look as scary as she can. Kali watched her for a minute or two, then laid down and went to sleep! She loves to lay and sleep at the top of the stairs where she can see the lower level and the front door. We have a schedule of 2-3 brushing sessions per day and her fur is looking so healthy. She is eating well and has adjusted quickly to our home.

We’ve had Kali for just over 2 weeks and already love her so much. We want to thank you and all of the volunteers of the North Toronto Cat Rescue.


~ Tracy & Greg


And now a few words from Kali:

“I have taught the humans to behave as I wish – I reward them with purring if they brush me. If they stop petting me for a few seconds, I head-butt them to remind them to continue, and that usually makes them laugh. The other feline in the house doesn’t want to play with me yet, but has mostly stopped hissing and growling at me. I told her that I lived in a house with 200 other cats and that her growls do not intimidate me at all.”

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